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Replacing An Existing Entry?

Many of our customers tell us that of all the remodeling projects that they have done, it was changing their front door that had the biggest overall impact.

Take a look at our Before/After Photo Gallery to see some of the transformations.

Not only does a new door transform the outside, it also creates a beautiful piece of furniture for the interior and in many cases brings much needed light into your entryway. Check out our View from Inside Gallery.

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Here are some helpful questions to consider when starting out:

What is the architectural style of the house (or what would you like for the architectural style of the house to be)?
The entry door is one of the most important architectural elements that define the style of a house. For example, if you want your home to look more contemporary or more Mediterranean, then installing an appropriate door will help to achieve that.

How exposed is the door to the elements? Is there a large overhang?
What direction does the door face?

We love wood doors but if they will not be adequately protected by a suitable overhang then they will not be covered by a warranty. In those situations we encourage you to consider an alternative such as a custom fiberglass door, or a door made of wrought iron.

Do you have your own contractor or installer?
We are delighted to work with your own contractor to ensure that you have exactly the right door(s) for your project. We are also happy to help you to arrange installation (we want this process to be easy for you).

What is the size of the door(s) to be replaced or the intended entrance size?
(hint: there is no such thing as a “standard” door)

Is there a narrow window right next to the door?
Take a measurement from the outside edge of the window to the outside edge of the door. In many cases it is possible to cut across and replace the door/window with a door that has a matching sidelight.

Do you want the new doors to be installed on the existing door frame or do you want a new frame & trim?
People select a new frame because either their existing frame is old and beaten up or because they would like the frame/trim to be the same wood as the doors and be stained to match.

Before You Come In:
If you have a photograph of your house that you can bring with you that is often helpful in describing what you would like to achieve. If you have seen a door that you particularly like then please bring in a picture – if we don't already stock that door we could get one built to match it!

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